Human evolution has literally wired your brain for story – It’s humanity’s ancient and primal way of giving meaning to and understanding your world.

Story has the power to create reality, everything from how you understand the world to your view of yourself. The stories you tell become the definition of who you are. How are you choosing to define yourself?

If you’ve been hearing the call for change but are feeling stuck in your old patterns, it’s time to write a new story! One that empowers you to step into a brighter future and free yourself from past constraints.

By Telling your own true life story in a safe place- weather you’ve experienced joy, sorrow, pleasure or pain you can access the wisdom and compassion buried within it.  Heal and release the past and move on. 

Storytelling is Medicine and can propel you into a powerful future where you become the author of your life.

In our 3 days together you will experience personal transformation through telling a real life story. You will learn unforgettable storytelling secrets that inspire your audience, creates connection and will increase your impact if you’re wanting to use your story on stage.

Our next Storytelling Medicine Intensive is July 27-29 in Tucson, Arizona. Space is limited so please apply for a Free Consultation below to find out if this is the right next step for you.

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