Human evolution has literally wired your brain for story – It’s our way of making meaning and understanding the world around us.

Stories have the power to create everything from how you understand the greater world to your view of yourself. The stories you tell become the definition of who you are and the reality you create. 

What stories have you been telling yourself?

If you’ve been hearing the call for change but are feeling stuck in your old patterns, it’s time to write a new story! One that empowers you to step into a brighter future and free yourself from past constraints.

By writing and telling your own true life story  – weather it’s for yourself or your business –  you can access buried courage & strength. Inspiring yourself and others through your  joy, sorrow, pleasure or pain.

Becoming the author of your our true life story is the Storytelling  Medicine that can propel you into a powerful new future.

There is support waiting here for YOU!

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